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Foodist: a Nutrition Management App for iPad and iPhone

Project page

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Foodist is my nutrition management program. It assists you with counting calories of common foods. I originally wrote it around 2008 for Windows Mobile, but I've since transformed it into apps for Apple devices:
  • A universal iPhone/iPod/iPad app
  • A Mac OS/X program
Foodist for Mac OS/X is not currently for sale and I'm no longer making the Windows Mobile version available.

The Foodist User Interface

Foodist consists of several screens.

  • In the main screen, you can see the foods that you consumed.
  • In the Add Food screen, you can choose a food to add from the USDA food listing, or you can choose from your recently consumed foods list.
  • In the Results screen, you can see the nutrients that you consumed.

More details

In order to change between English measurements and Metric, likewise go into Settings.

The Email button in the Results screen (it is a picture of an envelope) provides you with the ability to email the nutritional results text.

Typical usage

In the Add Food screen, Foodist supports a Search by keyword feature. This is crucial for honing in on specific foods that you have eaten, or foods that are very similar to them.

After using the app for a while, you will notice that the Recent Foods listing in the Add Food screen is filling up with the foods that are most common in your daily diet. Typically unless you eat a wide variety of food items, this button will help you save time when entering foods.

Hand-entered foods

I hand-entered a small subset of the foods from the data on the back of food packaging. Typically these are foods from Trader Joe's, which is a popular American supermarket chain.


  • Foodist is in the App Store:

    App Store

Food Requests

If you'd like me to add a food item, just send an email to veritas at comcast dott net.

What did the original Windows Mobile Foodist look like?

Here's a screen shot:

© Zack Smith