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    GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) Quick Reference

    Revision 2
    © by
    All rights reserved.

    Handy GPG commands

    To encrypt a file with a password gpg -c file
    To decrypt a file using a password gpg -d file
    To import someone's public key gpg --import public.key
    To print your public key as ASCII gpg --armor --export
    To encrypt a file you are sending to someone gpg -e -u "Sender Name" -r "Receiver Name" filename
    To encrypt a file using your private key gpg -e file
    To decrypt a file using your private key gpg -d file
    To create a new public and private key pair associated with an email address gpg --gen-key

    Don't have GPG? Use OpenSSL.

    To encrypt:
    openssl des3 -salt -out file.des3 -in
    To decrypt:
    openssl des3 -salt -d -in file.des3 -out

    © Zack Smith