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    All of my iOS apps

    These are all native apps that I coded in Objective C.

    Note: I've recently pared down personal my collection of apps to just 7.


    A quickie app that provides the 1913 Websters dictionary. This app uses SQLite as well as UINavigationController.

    My utility to overwrite deleted files with random data, thereby preventing subsequent un-deletion.

    My Food Pyramid servings tracker--now with support for a low-carb pyramid. It carries your overeating to the next day as a kind of food debt. This app uses UICollectionView.

    My camera app, which writes lossless' compressed TIFF files and permits upload to Flickr and DropBox. This app uses AVFoundation as well as UICollectionView and UINavigationController.

    My iOS app that displays a number of useful data about your iOS device such as running processes and available fonts. This app uses CoreLocation, CoreMotion, CoreBluetooth, and MapKit as well as UICollectionView and UINavigationController.

    My iOS app that tracks Bluetooth Low Energy devices. This app uses CoreLocation, CoreBluetooth, CoreData, and MapKit as well as UINavigationController.

    My iOS app for doodling.

    I have discontinued a number of apps recently. Here's a list of my former, now-discontinued apps:

    • 1Calc (calculator)
    • Artista (drawing and photo editor app)
    • Eval (expression-evaluating calculator)
    • Fetcher (RSS reader and media downloader)
    • Foodist (calorie counter and food database)
    • Hurtle (slingshot game)
    • IconEdit (drawing program)
    • Outlines (outline editor)
    • SendNote (chat app)
    • Unscript (web browser)
    • iAnticipate (joke app)
    • iBenchmark (32-bit assembly language based benchmarks and graphing)
    • iClarify (argumentation editor)
    • iFrugal (expense tracker)
    • iGrand (piano app)
    • iLogic (logical fallacies app)
    • iParis (tourism app)
    • iReview (flash cards reviewer/editor)
    • iSanFrancisco (tourism app)
    • iSpread (spreadsheet app)
    • iSurgical (anatomy app)

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